Value Added Services

The successful completion of a security system installation is not the conclusion of your relationship with IES but the beginning of a long term relationship. After the installation, you want to be certain that the same level of dedication is always available to deliver future value-added services. Here’s a closer look at just a few of our value-added services and programs.
  • View cameras on any web-enabled cell phone or PC.
    Anytime, anywhere. Password-protected video can be viewed live, emailed on triggered events or archived with time-/date-stamp. IES allows business owners and managers to view via PC or mobile devices, critical sectors of their sites. Monitor staff behavior, service and attitude, transactions at cash registers, loading docks, lock boxes, and safes. Get a notification every time there is an alarm or the back door is open
  • Water and Temperature/Humidity Monitoring.
    IES provides advanced environmental monitoring. Our equipment is designed to provide precise monitoring of critical environments (Data Centers, Food Storage rooms, Document Libraries, etc.) by utilizing on-board temperature sensors, humidity and water sensing probes. If monitored sensors deviate from the preset limits, a relay output sends a signal to our central station office which in turn notifies the appropriate personnel of the situation.
  • On-Site Training Service Packages.
    Frequent training should be part of your regularly scheduled service. Due to employee turnover you can feel secure that a trained qualified person will effectively operate your security system.
  • Consulting services.
    IES is a full service security company dedicated to providing leading-edge security solutions tailored specifically to your infrastructure and budgetary requirements. IES will perform a site survey and assess the physical and operational needs of your organization. Based on this assessment, our experts will then design an integrated physical and electronic security system optimized for your needs.
  • Service Contracts.
    IES offers some of the best equipment in the industry but even the best equipment fails. We design and provide long term service contracts that ensure that your system will continually operate to its designed potential beyond the standard warranty period. We offer prompt and qualified personnel providing same day service, response time is between 2-4 hours.
  • Visitor Management.
    IES offers Visitor Management software that has a full range of automated features to register and monitor visitors. This option gives you better oversight on visitor activity so you always know who's in the building. The system schedules visitors in advance and prints self-adhesive labels for visitor badges.
  • Biometric Readers.
    IES offers Fingerprint Readers that are the ultimate biometric reader for physical access control installations. These modern readers can be used in full biometric mode (fingerprint only) or combined mode, (card plus fingerprint). To gain access, the user simply places their finger on the reader and in less than one second the reader confirms or denies access based on a database of fingerprints from authorized users.
  • Photobadging and Verification.
    IES gives you an added edge when it comes to your security. This dual purpose software package verifies cardholder identities and conveniently integrates photobadging within the access control system. Create unlimited templates and print professional cards utilizing our HI-Quality Badge card printers.